The PK Moment

Well its difficult to give a miss to Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s movies. Some of the notables which stick prominently in my memoryscape being 1942-A Love Story, Mission Kashmir, 3 Idiots, (seen in Nashik, Chittaranjan and Sagar respectively). Its not easy to forget the Dushasana of Jaane Bhi Do Yaron (JBDY), who also happened to be the production controller of that movie and producer of PK. Incidentally Naseer played the character called Vinod Chopra in JBDY, which I guess was after the Vinod Chopra being discussed above (I would do injustice to the memories of this iconic movie-JBDY, if I don’t mention, that, the other lead actor, Late Ravi Vasvani was called Sudhir Mishra in the movie; Sudhir Mishra was the writer of the movie-he got best comedian award for this role in 1984. His most memorable dialogue for me is ‘Vinod chal ghar chalte hain’).

So getting back to PK!

We have a Mrs Rastogi of 3 Idiots fame playing mother to the heroine (Mrs Rastogi is Amardeep Jha as Wikipedia informs us. I don’t want to sound nasty but cant help it- Amardeep is an apt name for Jagatjanani’s mother-Anushka Sharma, heroine of the movie is named as Jagatjanani in PK). Also Mr. Quereshi of 3 Idiots is to be seen as Jagatjanani’s dad-Sahni saheb (Parikshit Sahni plays Sahni saheb! Well this, for me, was JBDY moment in PK). So the mom of Raju Rastogi marries father of Farhan Quereshi in PK-good, no wonder the movie has a message to give!

Boman Irani-the Virus of 3 Idiots is the editor in PK who reminds of a major political party’s spokesman whose photograph in shorts and kurta while giving a bite was widely circulated on WhatsApp-bhai you only see what the framed shot contains-a key lesson of life in these times.

Both the movies get set in Delhi. Both movies see heroine driving a scooty-Amir being the constant in the equation. The format of the movie also reminds one of Anand where the movie gets narrated by way of a book being read by one of the principal actors.

Amir has grown quite a bit since Deewana Mujh sa Nahin (a coffee from me to those who remember the movie-I saw this otherwise eminently forgettable movie some 2-3 times in Agra in college days).

Movie raises questions the way OMG did, but brings a lot more sophistication in terms of arguments marshalled. The story and screenplay writers have done a splendid job-Rajkumar Hirani now has a veritable midas touch! Song Tharkee chokro’s writer, Swanand Kirkire brings nuances like ‘Patna to Patan‘ in the song. This small tribute to Rajasthan touches the small Rajasthani corner of my past.

To see Sanjay Dutt who enacted gandhigiri in another of Vinod Chopra-Hirani film, die in a terror attack, is kind of ironical-as he serves a sentence in the same prison where Gandhiji was kept having been punished for aiding the terrorists.


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