How Intel Pipped Past the Big 3

Link to the story from IEEE Spectrum 
We all get told how the dominant players fell to their arrogance or over confidence in misreading the trends-Xerox, Kodak. We also saw how the winds of change humble the giants-Kodak again, Nokia and from past-Singer. This is yet another story which deserves to be given similar status in our book of learning-how Intel moved past the big 3 (I am tempted to add-look at the time lines-when Indian colleges were _introducing_ solid state electronics and BJT was red hot-fight had already shifted to MOS!). Also, this piece gives briefly, insight in to how IBM became the most dominant player in PC space despite not being the first one to make such an equipment-what a strategy-in it lie lessons of innovation of leadership and management, a small startup practically with no strings attached gets born in a giant. Also, one can gain insight in how software started to assume dominance beginning of a long term trend which continues unabated and which saw birth of giant called Microsoft. Was this the reason that Google made android available to just anyone? Also, this is a humbling lesson to those smug analysts who disregard intricate interplay of services-products-technology.
Also one can see how choices made determine your future. Choices made in this period by IBM meant they had to cede space to new players making IBM compatibles in personal computing space and finally had to shut this line.
I was always intrigued since decades why Motorola lost to Intel despite having bomb of a general purpose microprocessor-like me, you can also find an answer to it.
Last but not the least-you are beaten and you fight back-what a classic turn of fortunes as TI takes in the losses and re-emerges with long term winners in embedded with iconic TMS320 family-without which powers just about anything from hard disks to WAG9/WAP5 family of locomotives of Indian Railways.
So friends here is something which is truly an iconic piece of writing and written by none other than CEO of MentorGraphics-a company which powers most probably the chips which run the device you are reading this on and for that matter just about anything which has an IC inside.

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